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'Vintage Bags for the Fashionable You'


Bludust is the merchant of high classic leather bags. We sell the bags that are in trend and at jaw-dropping prices. Leather is an expensive material but at Bludust we have made it as affordable as possible to our clients. What makes us different from the rest is ‘quality’ and ‘price’. We offer a wide array of bags to our clients in different patterns, colors, moods at a nominal price. Leather bags look classic and fabulous with every outfit. Just be careful with the color you opt for. Select a color and design that will go with the majority of your outfits. Leather bags makes one look luxurious and seems like a person has put in a lot of effort. The bag will do everything for you, without you doing or putting any effort.


The main aim of our firm is customer satisfaction. While creating each masterpiece bag, our craftsman considers every minute detail. From quality to color and texture, every detail is given attention to. Bags are made keeping the latest trend and fashion statement in mind. We aspire to be the largest merchant of bags online with millions of happy customers across the length and breadth of the country. If our customers are happy we are happy. We thrive on the satisfaction of our customers as they are the ones that will help us be the leading seller of fashionable trendy leather bags online in the Indian market.


Bludust is all about building confidence in our clients. We bet our lovely fashionable clients will be appreciated for the bags they carry from Bludust Bags. Bludust’s world of fashion truly reflects the design language of its muse. Bags from Bludust are highly embellished by today’s women and men who reflect the tomorrows. Sleek chic cuts and an indulgent voice to suit every occasion. So enter the world of Bludust and discover the best of bags. We bet you will never regret it and keep coming back again and again. We assure you our product will last for years and years as the leather we use is made of supreme quality. This is why Bludust is what our clients will want to reach for again and again.


At Bludust we aim to provide our clients with the best. We ensure that we use the best quality leather. 100% leather is used and craftsman designs each bag with a lot of care. Bludust offers a myriad of trendy ladies and men’s bags ranging from satchels to wallets keeping our clients at par with the runway fashion. At Bludust our main goal is to provide comfort and convenience to our bags.  


Affordable is the second aim that we give attention to. Leather bags are usually very expensive and out of reach for many. To make it affordable to the majority we have set the price of each back as low as possible. We bet the prices of bags sold by our competitors made of 100% genuine leather will be much higher. Bludust offers it to its customers at a Jaw-dropping price. We also frequently run a sale in our products. So think no more just purchase Bags online from Bludust. in. We bet you fall in love with our products.


The craftsman of Bludust plays an important role. It is the craftsman who helps us to grow. They are the ones who find out the latest trend in the market. The craftsman in Bludust pays attention to several factors before finally creating a bag. They consider factors like the latest design in trend, color, and pattern. Accordingly, they create each piece. They work hard to one day make Bludust the top Bag manufacturing company online in India.


We care for our clients and that is why we weren’t to make the shopping experience hassle-free. Our clients can shop without any worries about their cards being hacked. A payment gateway has been added to make the experience of shopping with Bludust a remarkable one. There are several payment methods available to our clients. They can select the one which best suits them. Just select the product, add to cart, select mode of payment and then get your product delivered to your doorstep within days. Is it not hassle-free and safe?


From inception, Bludust has strived to set the benchmark in product quality so that our customers receive 100% genuine quality leather. Unlike other online players, Bludust does not source their bags from the ‘grey market’ and adds the tag of Bludust. We offer products to our clients that have been manufactured directly by Bludust. This helps to assure that we are always delivering the best. At Bludust the products we offer our customers are 100% authentic. So do not worry when it comes to authenticity and quality as we are the best in the market. We pledge to offer you the best, at the best possible price.


At Bludust we offer a wide array of products for both men and women. There are pink, orange-red tote bags for women while on the other hand there are white and black leather wallets for men. There are bags for every mood and occasion. Want a bag for your college, work, or party, there is one for every occasion at Bludust. A sexy red bag for a dinner date while a blush pink bag for a sweet college outing. There is men’s wallet for different purposes as well. Select the one that suits you the best. Not just color, there are bags available in different sizes as well. You can select a small tote for an everyday visit to college or a Big Satchel bag for office use to carry your laptop.


The bags sold at Bludust is also the best option for gifting your loved ones at an affordable price. They will surely love the gift and will be Thanking You for it. Gift your father or brother a classic black leather wallet or a vintage tote bag from Bludust to your mother or sister. They will have a smile on their face when you gift them a bag from Bludust.

Premium Range of Bags at Nominal price tag

Welcome to the Bludust

It is the India's leading shopping store in Jharkhand.
We are excited to show you the unique design and authnetic bags, wallets, and backpack at nominal price. Made with high quality materials.

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'Premium Range of Bags at Nominal price tag'


Bludust cares about its customers and wants them to always look their best. Keep your fashion game on point with Bags from Bludust. Look Luxurious and chic yet on a budget. The material used in leather is 100% leather. The bags of leather never goes out of fashion. With just a single piece of the leather bag keep yourself trendy for years. The bag from Bludust will last you long. So without a second thought purchase a leather vogue bag from us. We second you will fall in love with it. 


Handbags and leather bags have been around for centuries. It is used by people across the continent. From celebrities to ordinary people, everyone owes a piece of leather bags. It gives a luxurious feeling. The variation available in leather bags has no limitation. The biggest advantage of leather bags is that they offer great style along with utility and Bags from Bludust are long-lasting and durable. 


Due to the result of a tremendously lavish and luxurious lifestyle in today’s cosmopolitan society, people spend a lot of money on the latest fashion accessories which come with a huge price tag. But we at Bludust care for our customers and offer our wide range of products at an affordable price range. We do not like creating a hole in the pockets of our customers. Purchase designer yet affordable bags from us at a never-before-seen price. Look fashionable and lavish with the trendiest bag in town from Bludust that will give you the original fashion hype. Be appreciated for your style and taste. A sophisticated leather bag is one of the most desirable fashion accessories which ooze a lot of fashion and style. Bludust leather bags are of superb quality and look stunningly astonishing. 


Women are simply fond of fashionable accessories and no matter what age group they belong to, be it teenage girls, girls in their twenties, and middle-aged women, they simply want to be in trend. At Bludust we offer a wide array of bags in different hues which will make you look extremely fashionable. The leather bags we offer are available online at the best price in India. The ‘Make in India’ bag is all you need for your daily hectic schedule to stuff in your daily needs. We bet you will be lauded by your friends for your taste in bags that your purchase from Bludust. 



The handbags in Bludust are available in different sizes and colors. Make a statement by carrying these bags. Different styles of bags are also available. Select the one best suited for an occasion and purpose. Purchase the one depending on the choice and your need. Leather accessories are an ideal gift to be given to a man or a woman and if you just want to impress your lady without much effort and thought, then just gift her a truly classy leather handbag. She will surely be impressed with your gift. 


The sole reason as to why leather bags from Bludust are famous is because it is made of leather which depicts a unique sense of elegance, class, and sophistication. You can owe the latest and most exquisite purse and handbags from Bludust at a nominal price. Feel great by carrying high-end leather bags from us. In today’s fast-moving world where fashion plays an important role in one’s life, it is extremely necessary to carry fashionable and premium quality accessories including bags, no matter where you go. People notice your purse, handbag, or wallet when you travel, visit your friend’s place, attend a party, or shopping. So Bludust leather handbags give you the perfect runway look that creates a great impression on the people around you. 



Bags from Bludust offers a big advantage apart from making one look stylish. It is spacious, long-lasting, and durable. During shopping, the leather bag from Bludust can be sued for carrying several important items. For college-going girls, it can hold several books and copies. If you want to have the everlasting piece of beauty, then owe a fashionable leather handbag from Bludust and the price tag is also not going to hurt you. The leather handbag will be your best item in your fashion accessories collection. 


Leather Handbags are long-lasting and durable, but very little maintenance is needed to use them for years. Make sure to clean your leather bags from Bludust with clean hands and cloth. Firmly sweep your leather bag with a slightly damp cloth. Remember to not use too much water as the leather takes a lot of time to dry. In case very wet, make sure to wipe off the extra moisture as soon as possible. Do a quick cleaning every alternate day. Once or twice a year do a thorough cleaning. Use a leather conditioner which is like a moisturizer. Without it, Leather handbags will dry out over time. Also, use the leather conditioner to avoid the occurrence of flaking and wrinkling of your bag. 


Without thinking much just purchase highly stylish leather handbags at a low price at We bet you will not get astonishing quality at the price we offer anywhere in the market, be it offline or online. The main target of Bludust is to offer supreme quality high-end fashion bags at nominal price tags. We guarantee to be the best in town and the top manufacturer of modern cosmopolitan bags in India. 


Shopping with Bludust is hass543qle free. You just need to sit back, select a product of your choice, add to cart, select mode of payment, and then within days get your product delivered from Bludust Leather Bags at your doorsteps. We often offer our wide array of products for sale. During sales price drops down and you can purchase more than just one item and add more items to your fashion box. So think no more, Purchase today online from We guarantee you that there will be no looking back. Bludust will never fail to create a mark on its clients with its premium yet affordable range of leather handbags.  

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